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Poem: Memorial Ground Zero – 26th October 2012 24 hours before Hurricane Sandy Hit

Tweet        Memorial Ground Zero– 26th October 2012 So many many names so many many lives no more Names of every race every faith and every creed make this place this precious space satisfy a sacred need There was a Jesus a Mohammad too the paradox of belief perplexes us faith that sustains […]

2 Days in New York – July Delpy Comedy of Manners set in New York

Tweet          2 Days in New York – July Delpy RomCom yes – ComRom no. 2 Days in Paris was a witty, stylish, quirky romantic comedy with a refreshing edge. Marion’s (Delpy) then boyfriend Adam was comfortable with having sex but distinctly discomposed at talking about it en famille, en ville, just about en-anywhere. […]

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Stephen Daldry Slated because not understood

Tweet      Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Stephen Daldry   Danny Leigh on Film 2012 about 11 year-old Oskar Schell (Thomas Horn), central character of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (ELIC): “gratingly precocious..hyper-verbal….bag of neuroses….a monster…etc”. Philip French (Guardian) on the same film: “reveals itself as a hollow, calculated, manipulative film. It uses the events of 9/11 […]

Movie: New Year’s Eve – Pension Pot Movie. Review in 3 Acts.

Tweet    New Year’s Eve – Garry Marshall A Pension Pot movie manufactured in 3 Acts Act 1 Scene: Office of an imaginary New Year’s Eve Executive Producer: not the real one Diana Pokorny. (I tremble at the possibilities of nicknames here: do your own thing and I’ll save the legal costs). Somewhere in Hollywood – early morning. […]

For September 11 – 2011

Tweet    Upon a Lifting Breeze We will soar upon a lifting breeze in sunset’s fading light we shall find our ease Do not weep for us nor regret our passing day our love lives on in you you now will find our way Our spirits live within the gentle rain that slakes the thirsty […]

New York Wedding

Tweet New York Wedding Ten perfect days brilliant sunshine New York glittering implacably in December cold as dawn’s hope etches a patina of gold on giant barkless trees Who will die today what new joy is born my once tiny fragment of fragile life is woman now it seems and leads me through the magic […]

Out Of Time – Short story: New York, Message in a Bottle

TweetOut of Time – Short Story Even without Anne, New York was still great; I went to all the places we saw for the first time together. Much loved, shared movies ghosted through the tramline streets, avenued by ranks of giant glass and concrete trees. It was ten years since we were there; 5 since […]

Memorial Day New York – Poem: New Yorkers – survivors

TweetMemorial Day – New York New York roars no systolic pause of nature’s rhythm In this forest elegant giants feed greedily every second of every minute of every day on power Manhattan marches to a bright oblivion of blinding light Man-made mammoths have overpowered their minders. Machine slaves have mastered mammon bloodless breathless implacable faces […]

King Kong – the eyes have it

Tweet King Kong – Peter Jackson (BBC Prize Review) The eyes have it. Of all the multi-million $ visual illusions created for King Kong, the most critical to the film are the prehistoric, 25 foot Gorilla’s eyes. However breathtaking the CGI generated action sequences, and they are superbly filmed and edited – it is the […]

The World Trade Centre – You can’t ignore the politics

Tweet The World Trade Centre – Oliver Stone Non-political? Give me a break. Oliver Stone should never have been let anywhere near this film. Not because of his supposed left wing political views, but because he has always been an exploitative film-maker. And sure enough, ‘World Trade Centre’ is manipulative, sentimental, patronising and exploitative. Parts […]