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The Apprentice BBC – Men and Women behaving badly to make money and make us laugh

Tweet      The Apprentice (1) – Mission (sadly) Possible “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to scour the land to find: irreducible egotists with a delusional conviction of their superior abilities and talent, devoid of any objective evidence to justify it and which is disproved by every self-aggrandising word that escapes […]

BBC The Apprentice (7) – Smelling What’s Selling Azhar: falls short.

Tweet      BBC The Apprentice (7) – Smelling What’s Selling “You have sent a message to Britain” – Lord Sugar on his favourite task in The Apprentice. The achievement this praise recognised was that 10 bright young people had fetched up at a general wholesale warehouse, bought £150-worth of randomly selected merchandise and then flogged […]

The Apprentice (5) – Sterling Devalued: Winner loses – Loser wins

Tweet      The Apprentice (5) – Sterling Devalued Farce. By simple arithmetic, common sense, rudimentary business practice and principles from Barley’s own mouth –Sterling won and Phoenix lost. Big time. Sterling Revenue £5,000.00 – (Development fee from Fitness First) £2,970.00 – (22 sites @ £45/m for 3 months) Pure Gym £0 – Costs £7,970.00 – Net Profit. Phoenix Revenue […]

BBC The Apprentice (4) – More Shabby Than Chic

Tweet        BBC The Apprentice (4) – More Shabby Than Chic Best comment of the week: the woman at the car boot sale to the PITA (Pain in…) Apprentices “yes you can have it for a £ if you promise to go away.” All good deal-makers are good negotiators: not all good negotiators […]

BBC The Apprentice (1) – Learning When To Shut Up

Tweet        The Apprentice (1) – Learning When To Shut Up An Apprentice first: firing a likely winner in the first episode. No, don’t shout at me: I agree Bilyana had a bad attack of verbal diarrhoea in the boardroom and played a full part in the undignified but regular Apprentice game of shaft the sister. However […]

BBC Young Apprentice – Corrupt and Corrupting (A personal view)

Tweet      BBC – The Young Apprentice The protesters camped outside St Pauls are trying to stimulate a debate about business and the framework of free market capitalism within which it operates. Whether you regard this as an issue of ethics, politics, economics, social equality and justice, or even a combination of them all, […]

The Apprentice Episode 9 – The Melody Lingers On.

Tweet  The Apprentice Episode 9 – The Melody Lingers On. Solipsism is the philosophical theory that only the self exists; or can be proved to exist. More generally the dictionary defines it thus: extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires and thoughts; egoistic self-absorption. Question: how do you stop Melody talking other than […]

The Apprentice Episode 1 – the circus comes to town

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 1 – the circus comes to town After she’s got over an ear-bending from the owners of The Dragons’ franchise elsewhere on the Beeb, for plagiarising their format, the Producer of the Apprentice must be spitting blood. Doesn’t the Good Lord! Sugarlump get it yet? We schadenfreudians, devoted, long-serving crew of the […]

The Apprentice – How not to manage: how not to run a business

TweetThe Apprentice – Episodes 10 – 13 “Innovative”, “entrepreneurial”, a “shrewd business move” his lordship’s judgment on Chris’s offer of 20% of all Bus Tour sales, Apollo’s and the agency’s. One must assume that this stroke of genius was one of the reasons that got the bright but lugubriously boring Chris into the final. Yet […]