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Trust The Wind – Poem: like the eagle obey nature to command her

Tweet  One day of the condor Trust The Wind I offered you the chance to fly the high places where the cool clean air bathes the unstepped unspoilt heights in the purity of life Where love in the ecstasy of weightlessness can breathe the eternity of a timeless present shared You flew trusting me wing […]

Poem: 12th of November – next day thoughts on Remembrance Day

Tweet      12th of November Too many flags Too many wreaths flying and furled circles and sheaths symbols of power and Babel’s tower Too many widows Too much unsolaced grief Too many pipes Too many drums militant skirl bellicose beat marching in lines laying down mines Too wedded to war To demand that peace […]

Poem: She Is There

Tweet    She is There When sleeplessly I tease my mind She is there When tangled threads of life unwind She is there When sweet-death music turns my head She is there When I embrace indulgent dread She is there When cherished pain my heart enfolds She holds me close When the story of my […]

Poem: Just Words – A ‘found’ poem after Wittgenstein

Tweet    “It is not how the world is that is mystical, but that it is” Ludwig Wittgenstein   Just Words (A ‘found’ Poem) The world is all that is the case the totality of facts not things The limits of my language are the limits of my world I know what you’re thinking makes sense […]

Before The Void – Poem

TweetBefore the Void Intimacy like reverence roots in metaphor soul heart mind holiness deep That whereof we cannot speak we must pass over in the silence of a love that needs no words Tender sight touch thought connected as one before the void Hold me know my mind touch my heart see my soul and […]

The Singer – Poem:

TweetThe Singer Threads of experience spin a strand of life weaving dreams of sense harmony from strife Summer’s passion fair gentles Autumn’s ease past is ever there sorrowing the leaves Solitary light shows a giving heart walk with me tonight share my world apart Music my delight playing my repose in my darkest night solace […]

Pattie Smith – Poem: this lady rocks

TweetI went with a friend to this concert on his recommendation. The lady blew me away. Patti Smith She stands in a pool of light pawing the stage with the grace of a grey-maned mustang wise in the ways of world and man waiting to lead her bate-breathed feral fans towards the storm of music […]