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Trust The Wind – Poem: like the eagle obey nature to command her


a day of the condor
One day of the condor

Trust The Wind

I offered you the chance
to fly the high places
where the cool clean air
bathes the unstepped unspoilt heights
in the purity of life
Where love in
the ecstasy of weightlessness
can breathe the eternity
of a timeless present

You flew trusting me
wing to wing a little way
but when the rising sunwarmed air
caught and carried us
beyond familiar valley walls
you first looked down then back
and your untempered wings
ceased to love the wind
trust gone you fell
back to earth

So now I fly alone
for I cannot let go
the ecstasy of love in flight
the restless wind breathes
into my ever stronger wings
when you look down upon the ground
you may see my fleeting shadow
cast by the loving sun
and know that we will only meet again
when I fall to earth my flying done

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