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Back To Land – Poem: depression – bide your time to fight

Tweet Back To Land Life was going swimmingly when an sudden current surged, and swept me out to sea. I watched the land and all so dear to me, recede into the distance as I struggled just to be. Against a dark unfathomed sea I thrashed about and battled but couldn’t struggle free. exhausted, I […]

Fahrenheit 9/11 – Not in our name

Tweet Farenheit 9/11 – Michael Moore Fahrenheit is a devastating, important film. It is passionate, partisan and manipulative; at times queasily so. But Moore knows his business: his treatment of the events of 9/11 is masterly; restricting himself to black screen for the impacts, then concentrating on human reactions. This way he evokes images indelibly […]

Adaptation – to save a mocking word

Tweet Adaptation – Spike Jonze ‘Adaptation’ is a rarity – a cinematic film that relishes language and lets it drive its substance rather than merely subserviently lubricate a deterministic plot. A picture may be worth a thousand words but an image still has a ‘grammar’: its semantic power parasitic upon the language and the culture […]

Notre Musique – Language image and logic

Tweet Notre Musique – Director Jean-Luc Godard If you love film – see this. If ideas engage you – see this. If you believe language and poetry embrace more than words – don’t miss this. Notre Musique shows a master film-maker on top of his game. Most people who know film, have a Godard movie […]

A Very Long Engagement – Magical realism, love in war

Tweet A Very Long Engagement – Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet A Very Long Engagement is a great read. The film I mean, I haven’t read the book. It is not so much a film of a book as what one might call a ‘book-film’. I have never seen a film which more recalled the experience of […]

Wanted – Jolie just joshing. Can’t be serious

Tweet Wanted – Timur Bekmambetov Good Fascist fun – or simply silly, senseless and sadistic. If unwisely, you pays your money, you can take your choice. The character list gives the fatal clue: Mr X, The Exterminator, The Repairman (Ooooh – look out, here come the plumber), The Butcher (aptly named), The mono-nominal Gunsmith is […]

What The Bleep Do We Know? – wind-up a scientist

Tweet What The Bleep Do We Know? – Directors: Arntz, Chasse, Vincente. (BBC Prize Review) Wind up a scientist – praise this movie! One distinguished writer on science has used terms like ‘atrocious, ‘junk’ and offers the view that if you know anything about science you will be violently ill after seeing it.’ Now you […]

The City – Poem

TweetThe City Cold wet streets echo footsteps of following fear a hungry animal prowling round my city rheum-eyed wraiths hunted and haunted by neon glares return rain-cold recriminatory stares Rag-huddled in cold a life-worn once-man in foetal embrace protects his flame guttering body heat to the pestering wind invisible to shame and scurrying guilt thanks […]

Babel – simply a masterpiece

Tweet Babel – Alejandro Gonzalez Inárritu (BBC Prize Review) Simply a masterpiece: of conception and writing, direction, performance and technical accomplishment integrating the whole. If not already, Inárritu will be one of the great directors. This is a work of consummate warmth and humanity – beyond language, beyond religion, beyond politics. In a world bedevilled […]

The World Trade Centre – You can’t ignore the politics

Tweet The World Trade Centre – Oliver Stone Non-political? Give me a break. Oliver Stone should never have been let anywhere near this film. Not because of his supposed left wing political views, but because he has always been an exploitative film-maker. And sure enough, ‘World Trade Centre’ is manipulative, sentimental, patronising and exploitative. Parts […]