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Trance – Who’s Who and What’s What Mind games with Danny Boyle

Tweet    Trance – Danny Boyle Not all banknotes can be forgeries. A forgery can only be passed off as real against the background of a viable currency which requires that most notes in circulation are genuine. Much the same logical limitation applies to the central dramatic device that lies at the heart of the […]

To The Wonder – Terrence Malik, Joyous, intimate but flawed

Tweet      To The Wonder – Terrence Malik Joyous. Intimate. Unsettling, Sobering. Thought-provoking. Cinematically masterly: cinematography, editing, musical score. And a mesmerising performance by Olga Kurylenko. For all the graphic sex that has become an unremarkable, unremarked norm in modern movies, true intimacy is rare. The long opening sequence of Malik’s much under-rated film […]