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Song Of Innocence – Poem, song, children, war

TweetSong of Innocence There are no bad children (Chorus) Born into the world We show them how to hate Teach them how to kill This madness has to stop Before it is too late And the best of us Are lying cold and still He swaggers, rifle at his hip Terrified, the watchers catch their […]

Trust The Wind – Poem: like the eagle obey nature to command her

TweetTrust The Wind I offered you the chance to fly the high places where the cool clean air bathes the unstepped unspoilt heights in the purity of life Where love in the ecstasy of weightlessness can breathe the eternity of a timeless present shared You flew trusting me wing to wing a little way but […]

Shadow – Poem: depression, light, shade, shadow

TweetShadow dark too much loneliness too much pain everywhere no remedy life light to much passion too much joy in me exhilaration life shadow nothing in between depression

Slumdog Millionaire – a chicken tikka masala of a film

Tweet Slumdog Millionaire – Danny Boyle Slumdog Millionaire is like a shot of bad tequila – feels great as it goes down then begins to burn at your gut and eventually makes you feel queasy. ‘Slumdog’, for it already has an abbreviated nickname; is a nice, naïve, pacy little romantic fairytale knocked up inexpensively by […]

The Reader – compassion not forgiveness: a moral dilemma

Tweet The Reader – Stephen Daldry This is a morally complex film: which probably explains why it has polarised critical opinion. The Reader demonstrates better than any recent film I can remember, the vital importance of what the viewer brings to the artistic experience – both to the quality of that experience and the value […]

An Independent Inauguration speech – what I’d like President Obama to say

TweetI have never written any kind of speech; certainly not a political speech. The election of Barack Obama to the Presidency has captured the imagination of people around the world. Events in Iraq and Afghanistan, the profound challenges of Global warming and the current chaos in the world financial system demonstrate not only how increasingly […]

CHE – Part 1 and Part 2 – Soderbergh’s Che: iconic, charismatic, idealistic, but opaque

Tweet Che – Steven Soderbergh The essence of art is selection: and the logic of selection defines what is left out. The collaborative nature of the art of film-making increases the need for such eliminating decisions exponentially – casting, screenplay, lighting, angle, editing, music, sound and thousands of other decisions. The result is not the […]

The Blind Man’s Stick – Poem: seeing, touching other minds

Tweet The Blind Man’s Stick The blind man’s stick sees his world tapping truth into a sightless mind. He may misread the stick, but it cannot lie its urgent finger tip escapes dependency This reaching out to feel the world life to lifeless wood his mind bestows and through this probing touch he knows what […]