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Song Of Innocence – Poem, song, children, war

childhood things

childhood things

Song of Innocence

There are no bad children (Chorus)
Born into the world
We show them how to hate
Teach them how to kill
This madness has to stop
Before it is too late
And the best of us
Are lying cold and still

He swaggers, rifle at his hip
Terrified, the watchers catch their breath
Lost innocence leers upon his curling lip
This child plays with death.

A jacket of oblivion strapped on tight
Evil tells him lies about eternity
Despair recruits him to the fight
His death is an obscenity

Among the seeds of shame
The laughing children play
One misplaced step makes death the game
And guilty fathers turn away

There are many different ways
To the same eternal peace
The universal child just wants to play
Corruption of his innocence must cease.

There are no bad children…….

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