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Poem – ‘I’

Tweet    ‘I’ I am happy – and sad sometimes good and yes, sometimes bad I am who I am but have a duty to he who I might be I am tethered – yet free I am me I am loved – and love know unrest – but am still blessed I am curious […]

Poem: After Wittgenstein – In the Beginning Was the Deed

Tweet  After Wittgenstein – In the Beginning Was the Deed Words alone have no meaning no sense so the proposition is meaningless too Meaning is the act of making sense meaning something in using words Possibilities of meaning are my choice through action of making sense with them Action is use I enter the world […]

Performance Related Pay – Expensive, misguided and ineffective

Tweet    PERFORMANCE RELATED PAY Performance related pay presents expensive, counter-productive practical problems. It also offers a superficial concept of reward and recognition and a profoundly misguided understanding of the personal and social value of work. It denies and rejects the extraordinary power of unity and self-motivation in a common cause so inspirationally demonstrated during […]

Before It’s Too Late – Poem: parents and children

Tweet    Before It Is Too Late It’s too late for me now they’ve gone away but not for you for the present I am here and here I’ll stay Who they were I never really knew their love was all I needed and I just took it all as selfishly I grew I only […]

Banks, Bonuses and Capitalism – Full text of letter published in the London Times Tuesday 31st Jan 2012

Tweet  Banks, Bonuses and Capitalism The concept of the bonus is the problem, not its size. It fosters lazy management, indiscriminate sales, bad salesmanship and is irreducibly divisive; hostile to teamwork and destructive of team spirit. The bonus is based upon a cynical contempt for people: that they can only be motivated by greed and cannot take […]

Robert M Pirsig – The Metaphysics of Quality

Tweet    Robert M Pirsig – Author Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – An Inquiry into values (1974) Lila – An Inquiry in Morals (1991)   An extraordinary and truly original thinker.  Too little known.   Persig Pensées   Metaphysics is a restaurant where they give you a thirty thousand page menu, and […]

A Liberal decalogue – Bertrand Russell Not to replace the old one – to supplement it

Tweet    A LIBERAL DECALOGUE by Bertrand Russell   Not intended to replace the old one but only to supplement it   Do not feel absolutely certain of anything. Do not think it worthwhile to proceed by concealing evidence, for the evidence is sure to come to light. Never try to discourage thinking for you […]

Poem: Just Words – A ‘found’ poem after Wittgenstein

Tweet    “It is not how the world is that is mystical, but that it is” Ludwig Wittgenstein   Just Words (A ‘found’ Poem) The world is all that is the case the totality of facts not things The limits of my language are the limits of my world I know what you’re thinking makes sense […]

Six Poems for Remembrance week – (1) Eternity

Tweet    Eternity Eternity seen as endless time leaves life’s mystery untouched A sentence with no point a story with no end a journey with no arrival a life with no youth or age knowledge with no wisdom beauty with no rebirth and love without its deepest power of loss Death is part of the […]

Poem – An Eternal Day

Tweet    An Eternal Day Today the sky is bluer the winter leaves a deeper life-held green winter’s icy chill is refreshing as a crisp dry white wine holding within its delicate taste the loving warmth of the latin sun The air is clean and clear as stars on the darkest night and a savoured […]