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Vicky Christina Barcelona – Woody’s sexual wonderland. Fantasy rules OK?

Tweet Vicky Christina Barcelona – Woody Allen Woody Allen doesn’t simply film women: he makes love to them with the camera. I don’t really know how healthy this is or even by what criterion of health one should judge it. Cinema is irreducibly voyeuristic so we are complicit. If you doubt me consider this: by […]

The Island – give the brain cells a night off – pure Hollywood

Tweet The Island – Director Michael Bay Pure Hollywood. With all that means. Good and bad. A good idea, pared down to the bare essentials; razor-sharp editing, some of the best choreographed action sequences to date; and good performances. May knows how to make a satisfying commercial product. Thankfully this is more The Rock than […]

In Good Company – business as unusual

Tweet In Good Company – Paul Weitz They say many movies nowadays are pitched on a 5 line synopsis. It is beginning to show. In Good Company is a pleasant, undemanding, night at the movies. But it is a slither of an emotional idea whose uncomfortable facile build-up takes longer than its more satisfying, though […]

Lost In Translation – Coppola’s Hollywood movie with European sensibility

Tweet Sadly, the fears I expressed in this review four years ago about Scarlett Johanssen have been realised. Lost In Translation – Sofia Coppola We can categorise films constructively in order to validate aesthetic comparisons. We more often do so lazily in order to file them away in ill-fitting pigeon holes to decide which Oscar […]

Match Point – Woody’s tin ear for English, and the English

Tweet Match Point – Director Woody Allen A new movie genre – the Les Dawson movie. In order for Les to play the piano so hilariously badly he had to be a very skilled pianist capable of playing well when he so chose. Similarly Woody Allen with Match Point. But sadly it seems not only […]

Black Dahlia – noir-lite, plot-lite, charisma-lite, sort of, well, LITE.

Tweet The Black Dahlia – Brian de Palma De Palma makes heartless movies. He shows no warmth of feeling for character nor commitment to the logical demands of a convincing plot. Technique is the artifical engine that pumps life into his always skillful, sometimes suspenseful, but never for me, likeable movies. Dressed to Kill (1980) […]