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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – David Fincher’s skill beats the challenge of form

Tweet    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – David Fincher Like buses, you wait for ages for a film with a charismatic, independent, strong female character: then two come along at once: first Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl in The Killing I & II), and Lisbeth Salander (First Noomi Rapace, now Rooney Mara) in The Girl […]

Tintin Movie – 5 Star Technical: 2 Star Entertainment

Tweet      Technical   Entertainment   The Adventures of Tintin – Steven Spielberg and the use of 3D and Performance Capture – Essay/Review Spielberg: at last the Directorial penny drops on the use of 3D. What David Yates made innovative use of in the final Harry Potter film, Spielberg exploits rigorously throughout his Tintin movie to make it the […]

Changeling – touted for the wrong Oscar

Tweet Changeling – Clint Eastwood Cinema, film is a collaborative art. If the director has the integrating artistic conception of the film, he still has to assemble his realisation of that ‘vision’ through the many critical disciplines, each an art in its own right, that provide the warp and weft of the finished film. It […]

Pride and Glory – Obama, ‘5/11’, and ethnic stereotypes in movies

Tweet Pride And Glory – Gavin O’Connor Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency is likely to influence American society in profound but as yet unpredictable ways. It will be fascinating to see how Hollywood embraces the new New World. Which director in which film with whose screenplay will be the first to portray deep racial […]

Collateral – Cruise ain’t no Camus

Tweet Collateral – Michael Mann Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider) can’t make a bad movie: but with Collateral he spoils a good one. His claustrophobic, intense style is there but he’s ‘blockbustered’ it with a pounding rock score which underlines most dramatic moments into oblivion. After the absorbing, atmospheric opening it’s a hack job. Neat […]

Where The Truth Lies – Hamlet is easier to play than Hancock

Tweet Where The Truth Lies – Director Atom Egoyan Casting? How hard can that be? I used to think in my blissful ignorance. Then you compare say Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with this not dissimilar noirish mystery movie and it hits you. Kilmer/Downey was high risk but inspired. Shouldn’t have worked but it did. Bacon/Firth […]

88 Minutes – why is Al Pacino like a bus?

Tweet 88 Minutes – John Avnet It isn’t hard to catch Al Pacino over-acting: but it is very hard to catch him acting. The best proof of the first is that after seven Oscar nominations for several of the best character portrayals in movies – Michael Corleone (twice), Frank Serpico, Sonny Wortzik (Dog Day Afternoon), […]

Miami Vice – trendy men triumph again

Tweet bit heavy on the after-shave there Jamie Miami Vice – Michael Mann Michael Mann doesn’t bore us with this movie. But it is hard to believe that the director of Manhunter, Heat, and especially The Insider did not bore himself while making it. There is so little aspiration here. The original TV series was […]

The Inside Man – battle of the macho-centric stereotypes

Tweet The Inside Man – Spike Lee Elastic disbelief required. If you are willing to stretch a bit then this slightly over 2 hours piece of hokum is entertaining enough. A cross between a what-is-it? and a how-done-it? The answer to neither question challenges the little grey cells over much. There are a few stereotypical […]

Black Dahlia – noir-lite, plot-lite, charisma-lite, sort of, well, LITE.

Tweet The Black Dahlia – Brian de Palma De Palma makes heartless movies. He shows no warmth of feeling for character nor commitment to the logical demands of a convincing plot. Technique is the artifical engine that pumps life into his always skillful, sometimes suspenseful, but never for me, likeable movies. Dressed to Kill (1980) […]