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Hangover 2 – TwitView: Men as moronic dick-led drunks

Tweet Hangover Part II – Tod Phillips (Twitter Review) Moronic dick-led barfbuddy drunk guys, charming as farts in a lift, lost in Bang Cock. Thai Muffball, Pretty Boy assf**ck. Ho Ho. H2=H1. H3? No. I Beg.

The Apprentice Ep4 – Triumph of The Nerd

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 4 – Triumph of the Nerd He may have the haunted, undernourished look of a young Jean Luc Godard – but that Tom: il sait que ses oignons. However, the donning of quasi-medical scrubs in a fetching shade of purple did little to soften the freaky Pellereau persona: the “demented dentist look” […]

Apprentice Ep 3: Cloche Ears

Tweet The Apprentice Episode 3 – Cloche Ears It must have crossed other minds than mine to wonder whether these Apprentices and those before them are actually from another planet. Apart from the frequently incomprehensible behaviour, there is their curiously eccentric use of their personal communication devices. I don’t say mobile phones because I have […]

Oranges, sunshine, Australia, deportation, abuse

Tweet Oranges and Sunshine – Jim Loach Hypocrisy is the besetting vice of the English. Many of our greatest writers, like George Eliot and Dickens knew this and created some of the squirmyest hypocrites in fiction: from the Rev Edward Casaubon and Nicholas Bulstrode in Middlemarch to David Copperfield’s Uriah Heep. Fans of Austen could […]

“Justice Has Been Done” Osama, Obama, Geronimo

Tweet “Justice Has Been Served” Vengeance is mine sayeth the horde Revenge is sweet so sweet they cry Other-blind, their Jesus tears must be avenged for them alone mere justice will not satisfy Outnumber, outgun, cast out a virtual mythology dispenses real-blood death No Jedi here, nor Samurai the overwhelming Force is with them and […]

The Apprentice – Ep 2 “SLANGALANG SUCKS” – Lord Yoda

TweetThe Apprentice – Episode 2 – SLANGALANG SUCKS The most extraordinary comment made on day 2 of The Apprentice was not by an Apprentice or even in the show itself. In the often funnier, You’ve Been Fired, talking about the failure of Alex’s wait-and-see tactics Karen Brady said: “This is a show with integrity; there […]

The Apprentice Episode 1 – the circus comes to town

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 1 – the circus comes to town After she’s got over an ear-bending from the owners of The Dragons’ franchise elsewhere on the Beeb, for plagiarising their format, the Producer of the Apprentice must be spitting blood. Doesn’t the Good Lord! Sugarlump get it yet? We schadenfreudians, devoted, long-serving crew of the […]