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Potential of 3D – Respect the Frame

Tweet      Potential of  3D – Respect the Frame If the argument I have put forward in my review* is valid then the medium with the most to gain from 3D is not the cinema – but Television. Most immediate applications of the process will be in sport. Here the necessarily ‘point-and-shoot’ style of filming […]

Oranges, sunshine, Australia, deportation, abuse

Tweet Oranges and Sunshine – Jim Loach Hypocrisy is the besetting vice of the English. Many of our greatest writers, like George Eliot and Dickens knew this and created some of the squirmyest hypocrites in fiction: from the Rev Edward Casaubon and Nicholas Bulstrode in Middlemarch to David Copperfield’s Uriah Heep. Fans of Austen could […]

Il Divo – the extraordinary life of Giulio Andreotti* – an essay

Tweet Il Divo – Paolo Sorrentino (2008) Shakespearean in content, operatic in tone, writer director Paolo Sorrentino’s Il Divo (the extraordinary life of Giulio Andreotti) is a masterly work. Richly textured and at times demanding, Sorrentino’s film is a profound study of power, and its irresistible affects on men who possess it and those drawn […]

The Hunted – Essay: aesthetics and morality in film

Tweet The Hunted – William Friedkin The Hunted is a nasty little film. Brutal and brutalising. Because it displays considerable mastery of many aesthetic techniques of film-making, the way in which is it bad raises interesting philosophical and aesthetic questions. It is what one might call an aesthetically immoral movie. The attribution of moral concepts […]

Cinema versus DVD – Essay: Pauline Kael, close-up, scale, spectacle, CGI, intimacy, innerness

TweetCinema vs DVD – Zettel Pauline Kael once said: “Anyone who watches a movie on video is guilty of an aesthetic crime of which they are themselves, the victim.” There are a number of reasons usually adduced to support this point of view. The first is to do with the frame. It is argued that […]