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Before Midnight – Linklater, Delpy and Hawke – an exploration of Love for grown-ups

Tweet        Before Midnight – Richard Linklater Simone Weil – “Perhaps love is an attempt to make permanent that which by its very nature is transient” Celine in Before Sunrise: “You know I believe if there’s any kind of God it wouldn’t be in any of us; not you or me, just this […]

Seeking A Friend For The end Of The World – Lorene Scafaria. End of days but no end of daze

Tweet    Seeking A Friend For The end Of The World – Lorene Scafaria The camera always catches you acting. The most common fault in movie acting performances is doing too much. Keira Knightley is a case in point. A naturally animated personality, she has not yet learned, or so far been well-enough directed, to […]

Delicacy (La Délicatesse) – David and Stephane Foenkino

Tweet         Delicacy – David and Stephane Foenkino I’m worried about Audrey. That girl is far too thin: painfully thin. I just don’t think she’s eating properly: not looking after herself. She needs feeding up and pampering for a couple of weeks. I’d offer but I’m not sure my wife would agree. I’m also […]

The End Of February – A Leap Year story

Tweet    BBC Radio 4 is the one critical element of the media I could not do without. On the PM programme a few weeks ago Eddie Maier challenged listeners to do something completely different on the unique 29th February. I wrote in and said I would try to extend my writing from 250 film reviews […]

Definitely Maybe – A RomCom both funny and romantic

Tweet        Definetely Maybe – Adam Brooks I love feel-good movies: if they don’t insult my intelligence – and this one doesn’t. If they persuade me to believe in the characters and the emotions they have for each other – and this one does. If the feeling good has a little bit of […]

Conflict: between a part as written and a part as played. Hathaway 1 – Nicholls 0

Tweet    One Day – Lone Scherfig Da-Da-Di-Da; Da-Da-Da-Di – Rachel Portman’s musical signature to this movie is so evocatively Lawrentian and infuriatingly unforgettable that you expect Anne Hathaway’s Emma to emerge round a corner on a camel rather than her rickety, baseketted ladies bike. This theme regularly surges in and out like the tide […]

Just Like Heaven – great date movie, romantic,

Tweet Just Like Heaven – Director Mark Waters (BBC Prize Review) A great date movie. For romantics. If you go for light romantic comedies like Serendipity or even Sleepless in Seattle, you’ll love this one. A neat script (Peter Tolan – Analyze That; and Leslie Dixon – Mrs Doubtfire and Thomas Crown Affair) keeps the […]

2 Days In Paris – delectable Julie delights

Tweet 2 Days In Paris – Julie Delpy Confession: I love Julie Delpy. My wife knows. We are on a fantasy quid pro quo with Julie for me and Luvly Lee Mead (the sickeningly handsome, sickeningly talented, sickeningly nice Joseph) for her. I only share this embarrassing revelation with you dear reader as a warning […]