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Before Midnight – Linklater, Delpy and Hawke – an exploration of Love for grown-ups

Tweet        Before Midnight – Richard Linklater Simone Weil – “Perhaps love is an attempt to make permanent that which by its very nature is transient” Celine in Before Sunrise: “You know I believe if there’s any kind of God it wouldn’t be in any of us; not you or me, just this […]

For Valentine’s day – Dialogue from Before Sunrise

Tweet    For Valentine’s Day     Before Sunrise and it’s companion piece Before Sunset were recently voted 3rd most romantic films of all time. I’d have moved them up one slot. Amidst the commoditisation and trivialisation of romance and love that Valentine’s day largely represents – this is offered a snippet of dialogue that […]

Before Sunset – soulmates meet up again

Tweet Before Sunset – Richard Linklater Before Sunset is a movie for writers. The love story is a tough genre: if we don’t connect with the characters and their relationship – there is no film. Jesse and Celine connect; with each other and with us, even after the nine years since they, and we, last […]

A Scanner Darkly – Linklater on the years AD – After Dick

Tweet A Scanner Darkly – Richard Linklater (BBC Prize Review with philosophical coda) Consciousness is the last mystery. It is the holy grail of brain scientists and K2 to philosophers. If consciousness is the substance of this mystery, personal identity is its form. The conceptual, even spiritual, genesis of Philip K Dick’s book upon which […]