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The Apprentice BBC – Men and Women behaving badly to make money and make us laugh

Tweet      The Apprentice (1) – Mission (sadly) Possible “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to scour the land to find: irreducible egotists with a delusional conviction of their superior abilities and talent, devoid of any objective evidence to justify it and which is disproved by every self-aggrandising word that escapes […]

Oscars Postscript – Zettel. Don’t miss Sugarman

Tweet   Oscars Postscript – Zettel There was a pivotal moment, totally unremarked in this marathon, 3-hour Feast of Narcissus. A geeky little Swedish Director and a chubby American Producer picked up the Swede’s first and the American’s second, Oscar. Malik Bendjelloul’s English did not survive his excitement and the tiny delay that ensued led […]

Wills and Kate – at play. Privacy and Privilege – Phoney furore

Tweet      Wills and Kate – at play. Privacy and Privilege Some women like to bathe sunbathe topless, some don’t. It’s a choice. In a public place which is where this occurs for us normal people, any woman choosing this option knows that she will be subject to the occasional surreptitious glance from most […]

The Trouble With Harry – Las Vegas Notebook

Tweet     The Trouble With Harry – Las Vegas Notebook I was, until this week, blissfully unaware that my life experience was deficient in the cavorting department.  I feel cheated.  Challenged.  I’m panicking.   Is it compulsory?  A civic duty?   Do I need an ‘excused cavorting’ note?  Can I get it on the National Health? […]

London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony – Anyone got Danny Boyle’s number?

Tweet    Olympics Closing Ceremony – Kim Gavin Gutted. My pride in being British sparked by Danny Boyle’s imaginative, aspirational, well-judged opening ceremony; reinforced by the courageous, dedicated, totally committed performances of our athletes over three weeks of breathtaking, heart-stopping sporting brilliance was shamed and cheapened by this inchoate, muddled mess where even the several […]

The Olympics Opening Ceremony – Danny Boyle gives us wonders and wonder

Tweet        The Olympics Opening Ceremony – Danny Boyle + Cast of Thousands “Your Majesty, your Majesties, your Royal Highnesses, President Rogge, Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.” In an excellent speech Seb Coe made one serious ‘kick-yourself-afterwards’ omission: his hierarchical list missed out just one group – but the most important to the […]

The Newsroom – Aaron Sorkin. Asking the questions everyone wants to ignore

Tweet      The Newsroom – Aaron Sorkin Watch this. And don’t delay – it will almost certainly be pulled from the schedules in the US because it is taking on far too many, far too powerful vested interests to be left on the air. It is asking too many questions we, or those in […]

The Newsroom – Aaron Sorkin’s new series crackles with vitality

Tweet        The Newsroom – Sky Atlantic – Tuesdays 10pm Polish up the brain cells. Ignore the critics – especially American journalists and media folk with an axe to grind; and even Brits who should know better but have an easy, world-weary cynicism they haven’t earned that makes them condescend to anything with […]

BBC The Apprentice – The Final: Ricky gives them what Thor.

Tweet        The Apprentice – The Final: Ricky gives them what Thor.   Professor Michael Sandel*, in his excellent new book What Money Can’t Buy – The Moral Limits of Markets makes some very useful distinctions. Both professional Economist and Philosopher, Sandel remarks: “without quite realizing it we drifted from having a market economy to being a market society. […]

The Bridge – Bron/Broen. A triumph of Writing. Direction. Characterisation. Cinematography. Editing. Acting

Tweet          The Bridge – Bron/Broen Writing. Direction. Characterisation. Cinematography. Editing. Acting. All first class and sustained. Need I say more? It is much easier to generate drama and suspense during a thriller than to close it out satisfyingly. If The Bridge didn’t have the rare perfection of a Usual Suspects or a Sixth Sense it did a […]