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The Bridge – Bron/Broen. A triumph of Writing. Direction. Characterisation. Cinematography. Editing. Acting

Tweet          The Bridge – Bron/Broen Writing. Direction. Characterisation. Cinematography. Editing. Acting. All first class and sustained. Need I say more? It is much easier to generate drama and suspense during a thriller than to close it out satisfyingly. If The Bridge didn’t have the rare perfection of a Usual Suspects or a Sixth Sense it did a […]

Snapshot of Saga Norén – The Bridge’s emotionally dysfunctional detective

Tweet      Snapshot of Saga Norén  – the wonderfully perplexing, infuriating, disturbing female detective at the heart of this superb drama Noren is an autistic Swedish detective driven by detached logical analysis, and an emotionally dysfunstional approach to human relations. Martin Rhode is an emotional Danish detective married to Mette, and who, feeling his masculinity […]

The Bridge – BBC4 Saturday evenings: must see Scandinavian noir thriller

Tweet      The Bridge – BBC4 Saturday evenings   Not a review – an update. The promise of episodes 1 and 2 more than fulfilled. If all I watched were programmes with the stark, austere, dark visual and emotional tone that defines this Scandinavian (Danish/Swedish) noir thriller I don’t know how I’d feel. As […]

The Bridge – BBC4 Scandinavian Noir Thriller – Heads Up

Tweet        The Bridge – BBC4 Scandinavian Noir Thriller – Heads Up Just a heads up. This looks good. Full of atmosphere, quirky characters, pretty dark. A corpse is found precisely in the middle of the bridge linking Denmark and Sweden. Police from both countries are called: Saga from Sweden and Martin from […]