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Snapshot of Saga Norén – The Bridge’s emotionally dysfunctional detective


Saga Norén - Sofia Helin



Snapshot of Saga Noré – the wonderfully perplexing, infuriating, disturbing female detective at the heart of this superb drama

Noren is an autistic Swedish detective driven by detached logical analysis, and an emotionally dysfunstional approach to human relations. Martin Rhode is an emotional Danish detective married to Mette, and who, feeling his masculinity undermined by a recent vasectomy and to prove his continued virility, has uncharacteristically responded to the advances of a beautiful wealthy woman (Charlotte) recently widowed by one of the men connected to the serial killer case Martin and Saga are investigating. Saga is perplexingly direct and disarmingly but alarmingly honest and outspoken.

Martin has confessed his disloyalty to his wife Mette who has thrown him out. With nowhere else to go he is sleeping on a camp bed in Saga’s flat.]

In the car on the way to interview a suspect.

Saga: Is Mette ok with you staying at mine?
Martin: She doesn’t know but it ‘ll be ok
S: She doesn’t think we’ll have sex?
M: Not at all
S: Why not?
M: You’re not my type
S: Have you got a type? Charlotte and Mette are very dissimilar. (Pause)
Will you get a divorce?
M: No it will work out
S: Have you worked it out before?
M: Yes
S: So you’ve cheated before?
M: What the hell are you up to?
S: Just chatting….as colleagues do.
M: Don’t. You’re no good at it.
S: Am I annoying you now?
M: No.
S: Sometimes I do?
M: Yes you can be very annoying.
S: More than others?
M: In a league of your own.
Why do you ask? You don’t care what people think of you.
S: No, it’s important what you think of me. (Pause)
Does Mette cheat as well?
M: No not at all.
S: I’ve read that in unhappy relationships both often seek happiness elsewhere.
M: We’re not unhappy.
S: Then why do you cheat?
M: Stop right there!
Do you really care what I think?
S: Yes.
M: Then give it a rest..thank you.
S: (matter of factly) – OK.

Later:Saga has to tell her team of detectives who think they have solved the case that they have the wrong man and are back at square one. Her team are sitting together when she enters the room.

S: The case isn’t over. Why are you sitting here?
D’s: We’re taking a break.
S: Really?
D’s: A coffee break.
S: What are you talking about?
D’s: Nothing special. We’re just chatting.
S: Really?
(S draws up a chair and joins the group around the table. An uncomfortable silence ensues. After and embarrassingly long pause Saga breaks the silence).

S: I got my period this morning.

The informal atmosphere evaporates. They get up and get on with their work.
Saga looks perplexed but also get’s up and goes back to work.

This is more fun than the hunt for the killer!


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