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Oscars Postscript – Zettel. Don’t miss Sugarman

Tweet   Oscars Postscript – Zettel There was a pivotal moment, totally unremarked in this marathon, 3-hour Feast of Narcissus. A geeky little Swedish Director and a chubby American Producer picked up the Swede’s first and the American’s second, Oscar. Malik Bendjelloul’s English did not survive his excitement and the tiny delay that ensued led […]

Dialogues With God (1) – Wasps – WHY?

Tweet  Dialogues With God (1) You must find it hard to welcome everybody to heaven with millions arriving every day. I suppose the Omnipotence comes in handy. Well, take my tip, keep a careful look out, because somewhere in the crowd is a quietly spoken, delightful man called Charles Schultz. You might miss him: he […]

Larry Crowne – Rom-Com with too little ROM and not enough COM

Tweet    Larry Crowne – Tom Hanks For my money Julia Roberts is the best romantic comedy actress working today. Unfortunately this can be a 2-edged sword as she can flatter to deceive by adding a touch of class to relatively modest material and make it play.  She rarely gets the quality of writing in […]

Apprentice Week 2 – Basil drizzling and James-dribbling

Tweet The Apprentice week 2 – Basil-drizzling and James-dribbling It’s Barbara Windsor’s fault. On Wossy’s show she said she’d been freaked out when she went round to dinner at Sralan’s place – which really has to be called ‘Sugarland’ – because he was a dead ringer, well ringer, for her late Carry On carrier-on, Sid […]

And So – To Bed: intimacy, birth, love, warmth, death

TweetAnd so……..to bed Isn’t intimacy a funny thing? Funny peculiar I mean – not funny ha ha. Though intimacy that’s funny ha ha can be great too. Having sex is easy. Making love’s different though we often talk as if it were the same. But having fun making love, through having sex – that takes […]

The Generation Gap – down with ageism, long live sageism

Tweet The Generation Gap This has become a defunct expression: redolent of Haight Ashbury and portentously pretentious rock music which stretched about two and a half yards of musical imagination into forty miles of bad road, indulgent guitar solos. The word ‘man’ as a kind of new age punctuation mark, drifts into a dazed consciousness […]

An idea in the hand is worth two in the……. bye bye dubya

TweetI haven’t got round to doing anything on Oven-chip McCain or Shotgun Sally. Or even Charmer Obama and Biding-my-time-Biden. So with political delight and relief but comic sadness, an old piece to mark a passing that will still a thousand quips – bye bye George, it’s been, well…..surreal. (About the time that Michael Moore’s polemical […]

Gordilocks and the Three Blairs – a fairy tale for our times. Beware what you wish for

Tweet (There have been many changes in the Westminster Forest since this was written. But Gordilocks got her wish and the the Three Blairs disappeared deep into the forest. Recently Gordilocks has been wondering whether she got a bum deal. Stuffed again by Daddy Blair). Gordilocks and the Three Blairs Once upon a time in […]

Battle Of The Sexes: gender, respect, who want’s to win?

TweetThe Battle of the Sexes – Zettel Whatever happened to the battle of the sexes? No one talks about it any more. Did we win? Fat chance. The expression the ‘battle of the sexes’ like an old soldier, didn’t die it just sort of faded away. That women often fall for bastards but usually marry […]

Flirting – Humour: innocence, playfulness, fun, vive la difference

TweetMore film reviews to come. For now, by way of a change……. Flirting – Zettel When did we let the important little things go? Was there a debate and a vote? I must have been away – no one asked me. When did a teacher comforting a distressed child with an arm on the shoulder […]