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Dialogues with God (2) – there you go with the disapproving frown thing again

TweetDialogues with God (2) (written 24th December 2004) Happy birthday ALG. Frankly, I’ve been feeling about 2,000 years-old myself lately so I sympathise. I don’t have birthdays any more as I have begun to feel my mortality pretty keenly. There now, I’ve already got one up on you: for all your omnipotence and omniscience that’s […]

Dialogues With God (1) – It’s good to talk

Tweet Dialogues With God (1) You must find it hard to welcome everybody to heaven with millions arriving every day. I suppose the Omnipotence comes in handy. Well, take my tip, keep a careful look out, because somewhere in the crowd is a quietly spoken, delightful man called Charles Schultz. You might miss him: he […]

Bushed – ‘bushed’ = Df: tired, worn out, exhausted. No George – us not you.

TweetBy way of a change……. This was written in November 2005 – as a bit of fun. As we see January 2009 approach, not without a certain amount of personal relief I must say, then I guess it is almost a period piece. Though given the circumstances I guuess for most of us, much of […]

Stand-up Guys – Humour: lavatorial, stand-up guys, we can’t take this sitting down

TweetStand Up Guys – Zettel (Humour) (By way of a change – and a rest from the movies) This piece is a little vulgar, indelicate, indeed at times it may border on the coarse. But in a good way. For this dear reader, I must ask your indulgence and good will, as none of this […]