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Age is a number: Old is a state of mind

Tweet                      Age Never visit me from duty or look at me with pain I don’t need your excuses your concessions dull my brain I am better now than I have ever been in all that I still want to do know better what I mean […]

Just a Thought

Tweet We cannot offend God – we can only disappoint Him.

The Time of our lives at the movies

TweetThe Clock – Christian Marclay – White Cube Gallery London Not a movie but deeply cinematic. This Art installation at the White Cube Gallery, Mason’s Yard is a must for anyone interested in cinema. But be warned it is onnly on until 13th November Californian Christian Marclay has taken clips from thousands of commercial films […]

Our task in life

TweetOur task in life is not to find the right answers. It is to ask the right questions. If we think we have found the right answers – we will be wrong. If we ask the right questions – the right answers will find us. Zettel

Epigram – truth

Tweet Truth is not a destination – it is a way of travelling.

Thought snippets: cloud of philosophy condensed into a drop of grammar

Tweet Thought Snippets God came to me in a dream I dreamed God came to me Language of commitment Language as commitment Reading the words Reading the sense Following a rule Being guided by a rule Believing you know Knowing you believe Saying what you mean Meaning what you say The pursuit of happiness Finding […]

Out of mind – out of insight: science, philosophy, mind, empirical, conceptual

TweetOut of mind – out of insight If you are infected with the disease of philosophy and find this stuff interesting, the book that best explores these ideas in depth is The Idea of a Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy – Peter Winch ISBN 0-415-05431-1. Old – but still in print. Discussions of […]

The Passenger – austere, implacable, fate, masterpiece

Tweet The Passenger – Michelangelo Antonioni Uncompromising and austere, Antonioni, like a painter, demands everything of his audience. He once described his actors as ‘living pigment’ – mere elements in his ‘picture’, not its raison d’être. His is not a hostile universe: worse – it is an absolutely indifferent one. Hostility might induce rebellion. Our […]

The Heartbeat Detector – death by euphemism, acquiescence by cliché

Tweet The Heartbeat Detector (La Question Humaine) – Nicolas Klotz Challenging, austere, masterly. That’s me. Drivel, pompous, dire. Those are some other comments – mostly from punters rather than critics it must be said. For me, if you take cinema, film, as an art form capable of the expression of profound ideas and deep emotions, […]

Just Words – a ‘found’ poem of Wittgenstein’s words

TweetMost of the words in this poem are Wittgenstein’s. I have only tried to organise them into poetic form and create linkages to help that enterprise. Zettel Just Words The world is all that is the case the totality of facts not things The limits of my language are the limits of my world I […]