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Poem: Love Is Not A Young Man’s Game

Tweet  at one   Love Is Not A Young Man’s Game Can you feel her sadness before she sheds her tears Can you sense her doubts before she shows her fears Do you simply hold her when that is all she needs Do you hear her not just listen wherever her heart leads Do you […]

Poem: Lady – She’s my lady

Tweet               Lady   She is my lady old fashioned though that sounds she has style and she has grace her elegance abounds   My lady honours me with her love for it is rare that she bestows her favours without reserve without care   My lady is all woman […]

Poem: Men, Women, love and sex – differences

Tweet    Women   The difference between Women and Men is that Women can fake an orgasm   Men   The difference between Men and Women is that Men can fake Love

Poem: Women, Men and Sex

Tweet      Women Men and Sex   Women lie about sex because they know men want them to   And they are right   Men lie about sex because they think women want them to   But they are wrong

Age is a number: Old is a state of mind

Tweet                      Age Never visit me from duty or look at me with pain I don’t need your excuses your concessions dull my brain I am better now than I have ever been in all that I still want to do know better what I mean […]

Lost Boys – Poem: How could they? Why do they?

TweetTragically, I never had to wait long for a current story to make this a topical poem to post. Lost Boys In the darkest secret part of Men for it is Men who we must face there is pure evil stark and simple beyond forgiveness beyond grace Don’t speak to me of God’s timeless plan […]

A Loving Woman – Poem: loving, make love, generosity, failure

TweetA Loving Woman A loving woman is not one who lets a man make love to her whenever he wants A loving woman is one who makes a man still feel whole when he has failed to make love to her

And So My Son – Poem. son, sex, love, women, mystery, mystified

TweetAnd So My Son And so my son we have left the best and the worst to last You have asked me what I know of women and I wonder what to say How long have you got? for you will need nothing less than a lifetime and then some Of one thing I am […]