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Poem: Love Is Not A Young Man’s Game


at one
at one


Love Is Not A Young Man’s Game

Can you feel her sadness
before she sheds her tears
Can you sense her doubts
before she shows her fears
Do you simply hold her
when that is all she needs
Do you hear her not just listen
wherever her heart leads

Do you know her body
as if it were your own
Can you calm thrill release her
with love she’s never known
Can you simply take her
with tender confidence
can you make her feel safe
relinquish reticence

Does she share her laughter
can you get her to smile
Can you forget your anger
to hold love and reconcile
Do you depend on her
when you are feeling low
Do you meet life together
allow your love to grow

Is she everything you need
in body mind and heart
can you fight and make up
stay loyal when apart
Our destiny is union
re-union some have said
man woman in communion
is where life and love is led

If this is how you feel
if this is what you know
if love’s respect is real
then depth in love will grow
Sharing love and loss as one
together on life’s stage
is all to do with passion
and not at all with age

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