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Poem: Landmines – as seeds of death are sown….


dead end 




As seeds of death are sown
The roots of hate are grown
And mothers cry
As children die
For a cause they’ve never known

The drops of bloody rain
Stain the soil with pain
And men of pride
Try to hide
Their everlasting shame

Heartbreak cries of shattered lives
Go unrecognised
As once again
The sins of men
Create unseeing eyes

We have no choice our leaders say
Someone has to pay
If weakness rules
And courage cools
We lose the American way

But you cannot shoot a dream
Or bomb a people free
Ideas will abide
Resist the killing tide
Shaming you and me

And so the children weep
And cry themselves to sleep
But we shut our eyes
And criticize
The company they keep

So more seeds germinate in hate
Broken limbs and hearts create
A spirit of defiance
In unholy alliance
Against the super state.

“Suffer little children”
Shames the hearts of men
For when innocence appears
We wring out bitter tears
And crucify Him once again.

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