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The Blind Man’s Stick – Poem: seeing, touching other minds

hands don't lie

The Blind Man’s Stick

The blind man’s stick sees his world
tapping truth into a sightless mind.
He may misread the stick, but it cannot lie
its urgent finger tip escapes dependency
This reaching out to feel the world
life to lifeless wood his mind bestows
and through this probing touch he knows
what we can only see.

Eyes can lie but hands will show the truth
uncertain of deceiving eyes
and never trustful words
hearts are captured by these hands
a grammar of the soul
a graceful sweep of emphasis,
a palm of peace and care
the slender fingers dance with grace
to the music of the thought they trace
in the uncomprehending air.
Hands that pray and supplicate, with tender care
reverse the blind man’s stick
look closely for the truth is there.

Who is this other mind, this other heart
this deepest self where passion lies
that hides darkly with a downward glance?
Unbidden, unrestrained, these hands
catch the watcher’s heart
have courage, leave them free
do not think about them
do not even try
for if you do
they too will learn to lie.

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