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Remembrance – Universal Trader – Lest we forget – the Arms Salesmen


There's more where this came from


To the tune of Buffy Sainte Marie’s song – Universal Soldier


The Universal Trader


He wears pinstripe suits and shiny shiny shoes

He deals in death for all and every cause

He sells to everyone, there’s no one cannot buy

He’s supplier to a thousand wars


He sells to Muslims and to Jews, to tyrants and to kings

To Catholics and Protestants the same

He knows he shouldn’t sell

Yes he knows it very well

Killing you for me and me for you


And he’s selling to Bosnia

He’s selling to the Serbs

He’s selling for the USA

And he’s selling for Great Britain

And he’s selling arms forFrance

And he knows that he will profit just the same


And he’s selling for democracies

He’s selling death for gain

He says it’s for the good of all

He’s the one whose trade decides

Who will live and who will die

And he never sees his deadly profits fall


But without him

How would Saddam have tyrannised Iraq

Without him dictators could not rule

He’s the one who launders money

From profits made from war

And without him all this killing can’t go on


He’s the Universal Trader and he really is to blame

The only one who thinks he knows the score

He doesn’t care who’s right or wrong, whose children he will maim

And we know this lethal game

Is why we’ll never put an end to war.



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