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Found Film Poetry – good writing from 5 movies in poetic form. Know them?

Film Poetry

(Lines from 5 great films)

Is this heaven?
It’s Idaho
He built it
and he came
Father and son
playing catch

To all the ships at sea
and all the ports of call
to my family
and all friends and strangers
this is a message and a prayer
the message – my travels taught me
a great truth
I already had what all seek
and few find
the one person I was born to love
like me
of the outer banks
and blue Atlantic mystery
self taught. A harbour
where I am forever home
No wind or trouble
or even a little death
can knock down this house

Perhaps most of us
write our own stories
making it up as we go along
Others have lives
already shaped and planned
perfect as a circle
If some lives form
a perfect circle
others evolve
in ways we cannot predict
or even understand
loss has been apart of my journey
but it has shown me
what is precious
so has a love
for which I can only be grateful

I believe
if there is a God
it would not be in any of us
not you, not me
just in this little space between
If there is magic in this world
it is in the attempt
to understand someone
sharing something
it is almost impossible to succeed
but who cares really?
the answer must be
in the attempt

In Italy under the Borgias
they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed
but produced Michaelangelo
Leoardo Da Vinci
and the Renaissance.
In Switzerland
they had brotherly love
500 years of democracy and peace
and what did that produce?
The cuckoo clock.

Television is a tool that can be used
to educate, inform, inspire
move and challenge
But it is becoming
a means to distract
amuse, delude, insulate
and then
it is mere lights
and wires in a box

We cannot defend freedom abroad
by denying it at home

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