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I’d Do Anything (1) – the search for Nancy, Lord Rubber and Co

TweetThis reality TV show was a ‘journey’ for me – so I documented it. Just a bit of fun. I’d Do Anything – BBC1 Saturday Nights from here to eternity. Perfect title. But unwitting. Thousands of celebrity-addicted young women and precocious girls were whittled down to a chosen twelve. Disciples all – for it comes […]

Battle Of The Sexes: gender, respect, who want’s to win?

TweetThe Battle of the Sexes – Zettel Whatever happened to the battle of the sexes? No one talks about it any more. Did we win? Fat chance. The expression the ‘battle of the sexes’ like an old soldier, didn’t die it just sort of faded away. That women often fall for bastards but usually marry […]

Flirting – Humour: innocence, playfulness, fun, vive la difference

TweetMore film reviews to come. For now, by way of a change……. Flirting – Zettel When did we let the important little things go? Was there a debate and a vote? I must have been away – no one asked me. When did a teacher comforting a distressed child with an arm on the shoulder […]

Liberal Values – Essay: Bertrand Russell, Zettel, critical values

TweetLiberal Values – Zettel In a New York Times article in December 1951, prophetically called ‘The Best Answer to Fanaticism – Liberalism’, Bertrand Russell defined liberal values in the form of a liberal decalogue, generously remarking for such a committed atheist and liberal, that it was intended to supplement not supplant the old one. Together […]

The Pianist- Essay: aesthetics, ethics and the Holocaust

Tweet The Pianist – Roman Polanski Films with a Holocaust setting pose acute and unique problems for critical and aesthetic analysis. In no other context of human behaviour are important distinctions between moral and aesthetic judgement so disturbingly blurred. The Holocaust stands apart as the most appalling of all examples of man’s inhumanity to man […]

The Hunted – Essay: aesthetics and morality in film

Tweet The Hunted – William Friedkin The Hunted is a nasty little film. Brutal and brutalising. Because it displays considerable mastery of many aesthetic techniques of film-making, the way in which is it bad raises interesting philosophical and aesthetic questions. It is what one might call an aesthetically immoral movie. The attribution of moral concepts […]

Cinema versus DVD – Essay: Pauline Kael, close-up, scale, spectacle, CGI, intimacy, innerness

TweetCinema vs DVD – Zettel Pauline Kael once said: “Anyone who watches a movie on video is guilty of an aesthetic crime of which they are themselves, the victim.” There are a number of reasons usually adduced to support this point of view. The first is to do with the frame. It is argued that […]

The Singer – Poem:

TweetThe Singer Threads of experience spin a strand of life weaving dreams of sense harmony from strife Summer’s passion fair gentles Autumn’s ease past is ever there sorrowing the leaves Solitary light shows a giving heart walk with me tonight share my world apart Music my delight playing my repose in my darkest night solace […]

Runaway Jury – 12 psycholically profiled, manipulated, fiddled, not so angry men

Tweet Runaway Jury – Gary Fielder As a novelist John Grisham flatters to deceive: he is a great page-turning writer, but a merely adequate ‘plotter’, whose characters are often buried by the burden of idealism Grisham requires them to carry. The greatest of these qualities, the simple, accessible writing style, is the first thing that […]

Lord Of The Rings III – Return of the King – 9 hour trilogy ends with a fade on a door-knob

Tweet Lord Of The Rings – Return Of The King – Peter Jackson As the Laud of the Rings industry gears up for the Oscars, let’s get real. It will be a travesty if the Return of the King, the third and last in the Tolkein trilogy to be filmed, does not win a technical […]