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River Deep – Poem: life’s journey, change,

ever changing, ever the same

ever changing, ever the same

River Deep

In the dark labyrinth of sleep
a consciousness awoke
an unfathomed river
deeply flowing surged
gathering its unchecked pace
Upon the banks on either side
were fires, beacons
to guide the river’s way
on its eternal journey
to the vastness of the sea

On night-hid riparian strands
fire-shadowed daemons ran
who mocked and screamed with hate
Shape-shifting creatures of the dark
wailed and shrieked and bayed
but the river swirled and raced
rushed on undismayed
gathering its confluenced identity
building its hydraulic power
towards its peaceful estuary

From its tapering source
in the highest mountain’s heart
runnels rills and brooks
rivulets and streams
together gathered potency
creating tributaries and channels
to become a sinewed river
something men would name
gaining depth and rivered pride
the gods alone could tame

The river does not seek the sea
but it is its destiny
to find the ocean’s depths
Though never truly lost
its youthful quickening flood
cascading crashing done
slows to a calm acceptance
of a transformation
to a deeper form of strength
its many parts now one

And so in loving sacrifice
its urgent journey done
passion power and purpose
now relinquished willingly
the river flows beyond remembrance
and almost imperceptibly
adds its self-regarding energy
its long journey’s memory
all it was and is to be absorbed
within the ocean’s deep immensity

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