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Poem – Layin’ Down Trouble


Happy Hour


Layin’  Down Trouble

they’re laying down trouble
cos they can’t get ahead
the Suits are all sagely noddin’ their heads
you made it yourself now lie in your bed
talk to the banker
take out a loan
you gotta be kiddin’
try blood from a stone

they’re laying down trouble
cos life is too short
fight for your pride, fight for your kin
and the pink shirts’ll take your ass to court
talk to the boss
the man who’s in charge
sure I can help
cost you 25 large

they’re layin’ down trouble
cos life’s gettin’ dark
holding a job, payin’ your dues
ain’t any more a walk in the park
talk to the man
the man in the sky
but he ain’t listenin’
‘til you’re fixin’ to die

they’re laying down trouble
with the smoke and the drink
seekin’ oblivion
cos it’s too hard to think
talk to each other
share half the pain
hold on to your brother
be whole again

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