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After Bush – Poem: end the nightmare? Yes we can.



After Bush

Let us dare to speak of hope
of aspiration not of doubt
Let John and Robert rest in peace
with Martin by their side
For they have been dishonoured
their sacrifice denied

Let us with courage separate
as wise and thoughtful men once did
opposing claims of church and state
that every creed and faith and race
through justice blind be ever free
to show their homeland’s human face

Let us pray to all Gods or none
the men of death will soon be gone
hubris proud ignorance put down
lethal greed of the corporate state
with honour tempered checked by law
United States not caliphates

Let this now fragile threatened earth
unite us all in face of death
we can decide yes we can choose
eight more years of war and strife
body bags on the evening news
shall we choose death will we choose life?

Let the world’s children give us pause
obscene guns in guiltless hands
kill and burn in a liar’s cause
We fall in step to marching bands
to bomb and mine and shoot ideas
when all they need are helping hands

Let the shamed and shameful circus leave
with smirking mirthless grotesque clown
we must resolve never again
to place our trust in foolish men
have faith in hope trust our ideals
yes we can not whether now but when

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