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Song – Poem: ancient, earth, harmony, consciouness, spirit

TweetSong Song is the breath of the spirit that consecrates the act of life Ancient voices touch our hearts to beat in time with eternity Wise spirits call our minds to contemplate present beauty Eagles cry as blossom falls seeking the earth and rebirth Through the singer the past whispers to all souls that love […]

Sergeant Schlepper’s Baloney Starts Snub Land – Strictly Come Dancing: BBC 15th/16th November

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 15/16th November Noticeably missing from the supportive group of fellow competitors commiserating with Cherie Lunghi on her ejection this week from the increasingly surreal Strictly Come Dancing, were John Sergeant and his partner Kristina. To paraphrase an old saying – a joke is only a joke, but a good cigar is […]

Farewell – Opening: A noir musical based on Chandler’s ‘Farewell My Lovely’

Tweet (Opening scenes of a noir musical. Concept – to create the pitch black intimacy of the cinema into theatrical form. To capture the essence of film noir in a differrent medium. Marlowe is a true modern hero – he knows he can’t beat the system: it’s become too powerful. But he keeps trying anyway. […]

And So – To Bed: intimacy, birth, love, warmth, death

TweetAnd so……..to bed Isn’t intimacy a funny thing? Funny peculiar I mean – not funny ha ha. Though intimacy that’s funny ha ha can be great too. Having sex is easy. Making love’s different though we often talk as if it were the same. But having fun making love, through having sex – that takes […]

Fashion – Poem: values, children, men, guns, why

TweetI’ll lighten up again, but given the tragic stories of this week in the UK, this seemed the right time to post this and the previous poem. (The report of Charles Roberts’ attack on October 2nd 2006 on an Amish School in the US killing a number of children, was on the same pages as […]

Lost Boys – Poem: How could they? Why do they?

TweetTragically, I never had to wait long for a current story to make this a topical poem to post. Lost Boys In the darkest secret part of Men for it is Men who we must face there is pure evil stark and simple beyond forgiveness beyond grace Don’t speak to me of God’s timeless plan […]

Strictly Come Dancing Sat/Sun 8th/9th November – Carry On Sergeant

TweetStrictly Come Dancing – Saturday 8th/Sunday 9th November Carry On Sergeant in 1958 was the first of 29 Carry On films ending in 1988. A revival in 1992 Carry On Columbus, proved what we already knew – that the idea, the franchise, the fun, was way past its sell-by date. Virtually the same joke again […]

Pride and Glory – Obama, ‘5/11’, and ethnic stereotypes in movies

Tweet Pride And Glory – Gavin O’Connor Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency is likely to influence American society in profound but as yet unpredictable ways. It will be fascinating to see how Hollywood embraces the new New World. Which director in which film with whose screenplay will be the first to portray deep racial […]

The Generation Gap – down with ageism, long live sageism

Tweet The Generation Gap This has become a defunct expression: redolent of Haight Ashbury and portentously pretentious rock music which stretched about two and a half yards of musical imagination into forty miles of bad road, indulgent guitar solos. The word ‘man’ as a kind of new age punctuation mark, drifts into a dazed consciousness […]

Running For The Drum – New CD from Buffy Sainte-Marie. Concert Reviews

Tweet(To buy: http://www.creative-native.com/) BBC Prize-winning Review New York: Clearwater Festival and Highline Ballroom – 17th/18th June 2007 Royal Albert Hall May 8th 1966.The place is packed – with that buzz that signals something special. The lights go down. The buzz stops. Expectancy now charges the darkness with energy. The spot slices the length of the […]