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Fashion – Poem: values, children, men, guns, why

just an ordinary guy

just an ordinary guy

I’ll lighten up again, but given the tragic stories of this week in the UK, this seemed the right time to post this and the previous poem.

(The report of Charles Roberts’ attack on October 2nd 2006 on an Amish School in the US killing a number of children, was on the same pages as an article about fashion).


Angled razored scissored lines
diamond sharp neon hard
facet cut to mirror
reflect not reveal
unfed unsustained
shameful needing flesh
cover clothe secrete
the fragility of life

Look look at my display
the me that I and you may see
denying time denying age
A stylish morality
has fashioned
an androgenous
sexless bloodless
cool celebrity

Beauty is appearance
you must look
but may not see
the horror
of my mortality
Look look I beg you look
polish my perfection
validate my vanity


And Charles Roberts
father of three
rose shaved and dressed
breakfasted his kids
dropped them off to school
and went on
his just another day
With meticulous care
he assembled his C-store wares
and innocence
(don’t talk to me of sin
don’t you f***ing dare)
in unadorned homespun browns
and non-designer black
was blown away

And Charles Roberts
got himself noticed
after a fashion

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