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Zettel Film Reviews » The Village – All veils – no Salome

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The Village – All veils – no Salome

big yellow riding hood - ooooer

big yellow riding hood - ooooer

The Village – M Night Shyamalan

The biggest twist in Village is the way it’s filmed. Cinematically dishonest, it cheats the audience by misusing the ‘grammar’ of film. A ‘cry wolf’ movie: music, shot selection, editing, constantly threatens a fright……then nothing. By the time it does make you jump your adrenaline’s sluggish from false alarms. It’s all bluff with no cards. Plot, dialogue and performances (except one) have anyway long since made you lose the will to live. It plays like a cod Crucible on Mogadon. Pretentious arty shots of misty trees and a bit of classical music don’t cut it. All veils – no Salome.

(August 2004)

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