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Before It’s Too Late – Poem: parents and children




Before It Is Too Late

It’s too late for me
now they’ve gone away
but not for you
for the present
I am here and here I’ll stay

Who they were
I never really knew
their love was all I needed
and I just took it all
as selfishly I grew

I only ever guessed
what made them laugh and cry
what hopes and dreams they shed
what aspirations sacrificed
in bringing up an I

My being here you say is all you need
I’m the loving place you leave
but before I too am gone
and it is just too late
think now what you might grieve

All those precious things
you may want to know
are waiting for you now
find out just a little
before I too must go

We always think there’s time
but we are always wrong
we need to see the people
behind the loving eyes
the singers, not their song

She gave all I needed
so he was left alone
in the end I found a part of him
echoes of his might have been
but only when she’d gone

I missed the people that they were
whose loving made them one
who set my mind in motion
and sent me on the journey
they too had once begun

I didn’t know her husband
I only knew his wife
less a father’s friend
more a mother’s son
who missed his father’s life

As the day’s hard work is ending
with the dying of the sun
and the long dark night awaits us
come sit with me and talk
my darling girl and son

Before it is too late.

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