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Riding Giants – waving not drowning

Tweet Riding Giants – Stacey Peralta What is your ultimate image of man in harmony with nature? Until man’s inventiveness contrives a way for him to fly with only the natural force of the wind to support him, Riding Giants offers perhaps the most compelling image to date: surfer Laird Hamilton riding waves as high […]

Man On Wire – Descartes meets Camus – at 1,368 feet

Tweet Man On Wire – James Marsh Perhaps absurdity defines us best as human beings. In the natural world we can see endless examples of organisation, planning, preparation; even in rudimentary form, the use of language. Dogs and Primates are credited with ‘selfless’ acts that in humans we would call altruistic. But when 23 year-old […]

Standard Operating Procedure – There are none so blind…

Tweet Standard Operating Procedure – Errol Morris Oscar-winning Director Errol Morris (Fog of War) turns his forensic camera on the evidence, the participants and the events in the scandal that was Abu Ghraib the American military prison in Iraq. The abuse, humiliation, torture and probably at least one murder of prisoners over a series of […]

Fahrenheit 9/11 – Not in our name

Tweet Farenheit 9/11 – Michael Moore Fahrenheit is a devastating, important film. It is passionate, partisan and manipulative; at times queasily so. But Moore knows his business: his treatment of the events of 9/11 is masterly; restricting himself to black screen for the impacts, then concentrating on human reactions. This way he evokes images indelibly […]

Notre Musique – Language image and logic

Tweet Notre Musique – Director Jean-Luc Godard If you love film – see this. If ideas engage you – see this. If you believe language and poetry embrace more than words – don’t miss this. Notre Musique shows a master film-maker on top of his game. Most people who know film, have a Godard movie […]

What The Bleep Do We Know? – wind-up a scientist

Tweet What The Bleep Do We Know? – Directors: Arntz, Chasse, Vincente. (BBC Prize Review) Wind up a scientist – praise this movie! One distinguished writer on science has used terms like ‘atrocious, ‘junk’ and offers the view that if you know anything about science you will be violently ill after seeing it.’ Now you […]

The World Trade Centre – You can’t ignore the politics

Tweet The World Trade Centre – Oliver Stone Non-political? Give me a break. Oliver Stone should never have been let anywhere near this film. Not because of his supposed left wing political views, but because he has always been an exploitative film-maker. And sure enough, ‘World Trade Centre’ is manipulative, sentimental, patronising and exploitative. Parts […]

The Corporation – shark, psychopath, or force for good?

Tweet The Corporation – Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbot Question: should we regard a Corporation as an organisational shark or an organisational psychopath? It is the philosophical weakness, but documentary strength of The Corporation that it doesn’t tackle this central issue head on. It defines corporate behaviour as psychopathological at one point, but often throughout implies […]