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Float like a brick – sting like a duck

Tweet The Fighter – David O Russell Stop Press: Amy Adams can say f*** and flash her boobs. Forgive the crudity of my language and coarseness of thought: but welcome to the tone and ethos of this astonishingly over-rated meretricious, unpleasant, really bad film. To be clear: I have absolutely no moral objections to ‘bad’ […]

The Break-up – crass, patronising, dumb-ass

Tweet dead-duck The Break-Up – Peyton Read Charmless, witless, pointless, meritless, brainless. Less-less. (August 2006)

Lord Of War – meretricious, shallow, cynical, culpable

TweetLord Of War (LOW) – Director Andrew Niccol Philosophy distinguishes between the mention and use of a word. “‘Love’ is a four-letter word” is mention; “I love you deeply” is use. Roughly: mentioning a word is to make a trivial observation about language; using a word is to connect, engage with reality. This meretricious, cynical, […]

The Happening – In the beginning, movie without end, amen

TweetThe Happening – M Night Shyamalan Bad Night at the movies. M Night Shyamalan has produced a first: the only movie ever where the trailer is actually better than the movie. We are familiar with ‘comedies’ where the only funny bits are all the in the trail, but MNS has gone one better – not […]

Hot Fuzz – execrable, egregious, exasperating, excrescent…

Tweet (dead duck) Hot Fuzz – Edgar Wright Absolutely………………………pointless. I know I’m running against the popular grain but this embarrassing rubbish does more harm than good to the British Film Industry which everyone claims to care about. Only a misguided loyalty wrongly applied to the poverty of imagination and sheer amateurishness of this cobbled together […]