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Killing Them Softly – Andrew Dominik: The absence of other minds

Tweet        Killing Them Softly – Andrew Dominik One of the deepest and most interesting issues in Philosophy is that of knowledge of other minds. How is it that we can come to know, understand, care, hate, love another person? Indeed the idea of what it is to be a person is an […]

Seeking A Friend For The end Of The World – Lorene Scafaria. End of days but no end of daze

Tweet    Seeking A Friend For The end Of The World – Lorene Scafaria The camera always catches you acting. The most common fault in movie acting performances is doing too much. Keira Knightley is a case in point. A naturally animated personality, she has not yet learned, or so far been well-enough directed, to […]

Think Like A Man – Oxymoronic Rubbish

Tweet          Think Like A Man – Tim Story About an hour in, my usually gently-spoken wife said: “ I don’t give a sh*t about any of these people – I’m off.” With relief, first time for a very long time, I left a movie half way through. Excruciatingly unfunny, even the narrator in […]

2 Days in New York – July Delpy Comedy of Manners set in New York

Tweet          2 Days in New York – July Delpy RomCom yes – ComRom no. 2 Days in Paris was a witty, stylish, quirky romantic comedy with a refreshing edge. Marion’s (Delpy) then boyfriend Adam was comfortable with having sex but distinctly discomposed at talking about it en famille, en ville, just about en-anywhere. […]

Delicacy (La Délicatesse) – David and Stephane Foenkino

Tweet         Delicacy – David and Stephane Foenkino I’m worried about Audrey. That girl is far too thin: painfully thin. I just don’t think she’s eating properly: not looking after herself. She needs feeding up and pampering for a couple of weeks. I’d offer but I’m not sure my wife would agree. I’m also […]

Safe House – (Richard Pearson overseen by Daniel Espinosa) – a 3-line pitch action movie

Tweet      Safe House – (Richard Pearson overseen by Daniel Espinosa) Nobody does Denzel better than Denzel does Denzel. Unfortunately Denzel nowadays only ever does Denzel: result – too much Denzel. Yes Denzel lady fans: hard to believe, but it’s true. The only way to access the considerable talent of this fine screen actor, it seems to me, […]

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – John Madden. A masterclass in film-acting

Tweet      The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – JohnMadden If I were an artist I would want to paint her; I wish I were a better poet that she might read one of my poems; and if my life-long ambition, which will not now be fulfilled, to Direct a movie came true – I […]

Rampart – Owen Moverman. Bright, shiny, stylish: and empty

Tweet      Rampart – Oren Moverman When did the Hollywood Dream factory re-tool to produce nightmares? Was there a key year; a definitive film? I always feel the repressed misogyny in largely male directed movies finally crossed a borderline with Brian de Palma’s 1980 Dressed To Kill: the first film I remember where I was, […]

Woman In The Fifth: Pawel Pawlikowski. enigmatic, intriguing, mystery

Tweet      Woman In The Fifth -Pawel Pawlikowski Editing is the grammar of movies; their syntax and their punctuation. It renders the images and sequences accessible to us, influencing their meaning and determining the dramatic tone and pace of the film, its narrative and our reaction to both. Parallels with writing are clear: how […]

Larry Crowne – Rom-Com with too little ROM and not enough COM

Tweet    Larry Crowne – Tom Hanks For my money Julia Roberts is the best romantic comedy actress working today. Unfortunately this can be a 2-edged sword as she can flatter to deceive by adding a touch of class to relatively modest material and make it play.  She rarely gets the quality of writing in […]