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Sea Glass – Poem: modest, etched by the world, and beautiful

treasure of the shore

treasure of the shore

Sea Glass

A scrap of glass
wave rolled salt etched
opaqued by time
ground down by
the gravity of life

Plain unpretty treasure
Beer drunk brown
unbanked green
or common white
clarity lost
in priceless time

Yet you are precious
a child’s memories hidden
in a secret life locked drawer
with other
cherished things

From within this
smooth edged shard
come timeless shrieks
of care less skipping days
hiding in some heart thumped
secret place
longing to be caught

And searching
on the shore
with passionate intent
to win the greatest prize
“mommy daddy
look what I have found.”

2 Responses to “Sea Glass – Poem: modest, etched by the world, and beautiful”

  1. Could you tell me the name of the person who wrote this poem? It’s very lovely and I am considering quoting this poem in my next novel.
    Thank you,
    Lisa Girolami

  2. keith farman

    st albans


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