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Blood – Poem: blood-line, in the blood, blood feud, of one’s blood

blood-line - John Hoyland R.A.

blood-line - John Hoyland R.A.


In blood and sinew
nerve and bone
we are born
In that first
unwilled gasp of life
the myth of blood
is incarnate
an afterbirth of
superstitious dread
progenitor of hate

My blood is up at
transubstantiated lies
blood brothers washed
in the blood of Jesus
soaked in the death
of other forms of love
blaspheming as a nation dies
for the glory of God

God willing
the Fuhrer prayed
blood lust without restraint
slaked by Mein Kampf madness
of Aryan pure
of Jewish taint
and youthful sacrifice

Blood the children
in the agony of the fox
as the blood of bloody martyrs
stains the soil of faith
the truth of humble love
lost in the vanity of
conjured metaphor

Water to wine
wine to water
men always men
shed the life
of innocence
to appease the wrath
of sacrificial gods

And the Koran enjoins
in the name of thy Lord
who created Man
of a clot of blood

Bloody Hell

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