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Sons of War



My Son

I taught my son to walk
by instinct he could cry
you taught him how to march
how to kill, how to die

I taught my son to talk
 by instinct he could think
 you taught him to say 'sir'
 to withstand pain, not blink
 I taught my son to ride
 by instinct he could will
 you taught him to obey
 and throw a switch marked kill

I taught my son to care
by instinct he was kind
you helped him shut his eyes
to other's pain be blind

I taught my son to read
by instinct he could play
you taught him not to question
keep conscience well at bay

I helped my son to love
by instinct he could feel
you taught him how to hate
with penetrating steel

I teach my son no more
he lies here cold and dead
I wish your sick man's game
had taken you instead

I taught my son to live
still hear his cries of joy
you made a man of him
but I will ever cherish

a precious long lost boy

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