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The Iron Lady – Mrs Thatcher Streeped Bare

Tweet      The Iron Lady – Phyllida Lloyd Margaret Thatcher was for 15 years in British public life, the eye of calm certainty at the epicentre of a storm of chaotic energy endlessly fed by political events: from the Poll Tax riots; the ineradicable social toxicity of the Miners’ strike; the callous brutality of […]

Poem: Lady – She’s my lady

Tweet               Lady   She is my lady old fashioned though that sounds she has style and she has grace her elegance abounds   My lady honours me with her love for it is rare that she bestows her favours without reserve without care   My lady is all woman […]

Poem: Trust The Wind – No command, No power, just a form of love – commanding and powerful

Tweet      Trust The Wind I offered you the chance to fly the high places where the cool clean air bathes the unstepped unspoilt heights in the purity of life Where love in the ecstasy of weightlessness can breathe the eternity of a timeless present shared You flew trusting me wing to wing a […]