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Poem: The Eagle’s Last Flight – ‘His mate gone/the eagle soared/into the high places




The Eagle’s Last Flight

His mate gone
the eagle soared
into the high places
grief-driven wings
beat the air
in angry futile desperation
higher and higher
faster and faster
his passion drove him
towards the baleful sun

the watchers waited
for the weariness
the exhaustion of flight
to bring the eagle
down to earth
but on and on
in the cool clean air
he rose in an ecstasy
of unformed unsolaced pain

nature will out
the watchers thought
blood and sinew
feather and bone
must soon succumb
to the gravity of
now solitary life
but the eagle’s strength
undimmed unspent
drove him ever upward

sadness but no regret
filled the watchers eyes
privileged to see
passion unrestrained
love free and unconfined
delight in sacrifice
upon the restless air
love elemental
life in measured time
mocked in its timidity

as the final shadows
of the eagle’s ebbing flight
fell upon the indifferent earth
he flew towards the arms
of pain releasing night
carried on the friendly wind
he climbed towards the clouds
then with now silent wings
fell from the sky – dead
before he reached the earth

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