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Buffy Sainte Marie


You shall be Earth He said
Rain lover
Corn giver
home to the roots
of trees and men
Yes you shall be Earth

I love the Earth she said
My mother
My brother
Who sustains me
My place, my home
But I shall not be Earth

You shall be Wind He said
Sail driver
Storm giver
Who carries Earth’s song
To touch our hearts
Yes you shall be Wind

I love the Wind she said
North and South
East and West
She clears my head
And stirs my soul
But I shall not be Wind

You shall be Water He said
Life giver
Thirst quencher
Lakes and rivers
Brooks and streams
Yes you shall be Water

I love the Water she said
Her cooling touch
Her cleansing taste
She purifies my soul
And gives me life
But I shall not be Water

What then shall you be He said
Not Earth, nor Wind
Nor Water too
Shall you be Sun
Giver of Light
Shall this be you

I love the Sun she said
Giver of life
Giver of heat
That is not my place
For You are Light
Invisible but seen

I shall be Fire she said
Change maker
Passion’s undying flame
But not for power
Or for Fame
For Truth, for honour
That all be loved the same

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