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Hugo (3D) – Scorcese’s dazzling FOF (Front Of Frame) technical tour de force

Tweet         Technical        Entertainment Hugo (3D) – Martin Scorcese A technical tour de force. It is fascinating to see major Directors of regular 2D films grappling with the possibilities and limitations of 3D stereoscopic filming. Fast on the heels of Spielberg’s performance capture 3D Tin Tin we have Scorcese taking a radically […]

George Harrison: Living in the Material World – Martin Scorcese

Tweet        George Harrison: Living in the Material World – Martin Scorcese Don’t, please don’t if you can possibly help it, watch this on Television or by extension, on DVD. If you can find a way, see it in a cinema on a full size screen. As it is on TV this coming weekend this […]

Gangs Of New York – Scorcese’s shocking awe, a fascist American tale

Tweet The Gangs of New York – Martin Scorcese This film will delight the large number of people who disturbingly profess to ‘love’ Scorcese’s brilliant and hateful Goodfellas. GONY looks like the film of a bullied child who longed desperately not to be freed from, but to share the oppressive power that had been exercised […]

The Departed – Nicholson’s Existential villain

Tweet The Departed – Martin Scorcese Camus places ‘absurd’ man at the heart of an implacably indifferent universe that is Godless, meaningless, purposeless. Without bad faith or consoling self-deception, absurd man makes a definitive existential decision: against all the evidence and the urging of reason, he decides against suicide. Absurdity resides in his deciding to […]