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If There Is No Eden – Afghanistan, Iraq and other madness



For those without religious belief who gave their lives and those who mourn them.

If There Is No Eden

If there is no Eden
no paradise to be
where shall rest the solace
that sets our grieving free

No hymns of praise console us
still less serried bands
the pomp and circumstance of mourning
stills not our restless hands

In our need to share our pain
we congregate with you
sing your hymns and praises
believing them untrue

If God has planned the outcome
then he has willed the means
inventive clever weapons
destroyed our love our hopes our dreams

It’s the Universal Soldier
who really is to blame
a voice of justice cried
for the unknown soldier with no name

We conceived and bore and loved them
each and every precious one
dried their tears calmed their fears
and shared their sense of fun

Only life is sacred
not power wealth or fame
your guns and tanks and warships
are just a deadly game

We don’t deny the honour
the gift of sacrifice confers
upon our darling sons and daughters
but our righteous anger stirs

As we watch the brass bands marching
before the grave-faced great and good
our love of country falters
at the shore of youthful blood

Our pain and grief conjoins us
we know you suffer too
but was this gift of life dishonoured
if its purpose was untrue

If there is no Eden
no paradise to be
can we from the Universal Soldier
set our loving peaceful pure hearts free

(December 2007)

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