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Poem for Valentine’s Day – with a film connection

Tweet    Poem for Valentine’s day (Sadly not mine)   The Life That I Have The Life that I have Is all that I have, And the life that I have, is yours.   The love that I have, Of the life that I have, Is yours, and yours, and yours.   A sleep I […]

Poem – Night

Tweet    Night     She is with me in my darkness ever present in my night breathing into me her sweetness to my fears she brings the light   She is my solace and my friend ever faithful to the right on her loving strength I depend in her laughter I delight   When […]

Poem for a much loved daughter

Tweet timeless days   Ruth   You are my dawn the first light of my days As I awake from rumpled sleep I think of you and my world’s at peace You are my morning the warmth of my new day and on my present journey I think of you and my doubts are stayed […]

Borgen (BBC4) – Adam Price Political drama from Denmark to rival The Killing

Tweet      Borgen (BBC4) – Adam Price This excellent political drama ended its 10 episode run on BBC4 last night. Following on from the unexpected world-wide hit with The Killing thriller series the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) is justifiably earning a reputation for grown-up TV driven by placing the quality of writing and narrative at […]

Sir Fred – Knight to Queen’s Pawn

Tweet     LETTER TO THE TIMES   –  3rd February 2010   Sir,   Sir Fred – Knight to Queen’s Pawn   It is extraordinary how the implacable righteousness displayed by the Establishment towards failures, incompetences or morally dubious practice of ordinary people or those lower down the food chain, disappears in a cloud of […]

Banks, Bonuses and Capitalism – Full text of letter published in the London Times Tuesday 31st Jan 2012

Tweet  Banks, Bonuses and Capitalism The concept of the bonus is the problem, not its size. It fosters lazy management, indiscriminate sales, bad salesmanship and is irreducibly divisive; hostile to teamwork and destructive of team spirit. The bonus is based upon a cynical contempt for people: that they can only be motivated by greed and cannot take […]