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Poem: Women, Men and Sex

Tweet      Women Men and Sex   Women lie about sex because they know men want them to   And they are right   Men lie about sex because they think women want them to   But they are wrong

Poem: Love – eternity

Tweet      Love   And if I take just one breath of love a moment’s pause in life then I have touched eternity  

Six Poems for Remembrance Week (6) – Upon a Lifting Breeze

Tweet      Upon a Lifting Breeze I will soar Upon a lifting breeze In sunset’s fading light I shall find my ease Do not weep for me Nor regret my passing day My love lives on in you You now will find my way My spirit lives Within the gentle rain That slakes the […]

Six Poems for Remembrance week (5) Remembrance Day – Another kind of respect

Tweet      Remembrance Day Etched in unforgiving stone The Glorious Dead implacable stands alone washed in rain and bitter tears blood red poppies do not atone across the bitter years the sadness and the loss As each November nears we mourn our honoured dead with military pomp and easy prayers power privilege and marching […]

Six Poems for Remembrance week (4) Remembrance – Your Day

Tweet    Remembrance – Your Day This is my remembrance day no bands or marching men no pomp or circumstance just private cherished memory This is my thoughtful day when I think just of you your kindness and your love the comfort I could see In your eyes This is my day to miss you […]

Six Poems for Remembrance Week (3) Never Gone

Tweet    Native American – Indian – spiritual beliefs unlike say the Abrahamic religions, are spatial not temporal; communitarian not individualistic. This does not try to be an ‘Indian’ poem – that would be silly. But it does try to express a deep empathy towards the spirit of these ideas and the culture that struggles […]

Six Poems for Remembrance week (2) If There is no Eden

Tweet    For those without religious belief who gave their lives and those who mourn them.   If There Is No Eden If there is no Eden no paradise to be where shall rest the solace that sets our grieving free No hymns of praise console us still less serried bands the pomp and circumstance […]

Six Poems for Remembrance week – (1) Eternity

Tweet    Eternity Eternity seen as endless time leaves life’s mystery untouched A sentence with no point a story with no end a journey with no arrival a life with no youth or age knowledge with no wisdom beauty with no rebirth and love without its deepest power of loss Death is part of the […]

Poem – An Eternal Day

Tweet    An Eternal Day Today the sky is bluer the winter leaves a deeper life-held green winter’s icy chill is refreshing as a crisp dry white wine holding within its delicate taste the loving warmth of the latin sun The air is clean and clear as stars on the darkest night and a savoured […]

Sons of War

Tweet    My Son I taught my son to walk by instinct he could cry you taught him how to march how to kill, how to die I taught my son to talk by instinct he could think you taught him to say ‘sir’ to withstand pain, not blink I taught my son to ride […]