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Before The Void – Poem

TweetBefore the Void Intimacy like reverence roots in metaphor soul heart mind holiness deep That whereof we cannot speak we must pass over in the silence of a love that needs no words Tender sight touch thought connected as one before the void Hold me know my mind touch my heart see my soul and […]

Miss Understanding – Poem: see what we want to see, think what we want to think

TweetMiss Understanding She thought He thought about her the way she thought he thought about her but he didn’t He thought She thought about him the way he wanted her to think about him but she didn’t tragedy in the making

Tomorrow – Poem:

TweetTomorrow If I ever lose you let it be tomorrow If you ever leave let it be tomorrow too If I stop loving you it will be tomorrow today my love’s still strong strong as yesterday If you should love another let it be tomorrow then I’ll let you go but today is ever mine […]

The Eagle’s Last Flight – Poem: eagles mate for life

TweetThe Eagle’s Last Flight His mate gone the eagle soared into the high places grief-driven wings beat the air in angry futile desperation higher and higher faster and faster his passion drove him towards the baleful sun the watchers waited bate-breathed for the weariness the exhaustion of flight to bring the eagle down to earth […]

Storm of Protest – Poem: time, survival, life

Tweet Storm of Protest In the restless tide dreams ebbed hopes carried deep by the undertow of experience Cold eyed cruel beaked gulls shrieked and swooped to carry off the unshelled flesh of desire Under the darkening sky rebellion grew and struggled free but fell again into the indifferent sea The breaking storm shook the […]

The Game – Poem: poker, risk, existential

TweetThe Game Cut the crap the dealer said wanna talk – talk wanna play – play don’t talk and play don’t play and talk It ain’t just a game until you’re out you’re in deep Gimme no shit ’bout lousy cards ain’t no such thing just cards cards’ what you get hand’s what you play […]

Back To Land – Poem: depression – bide your time to fight

Tweet Back To Land Life was going swimmingly when an sudden current surged, and swept me out to sea. I watched the land and all so dear to me, recede into the distance as I struggled just to be. Against a dark unfathomed sea I thrashed about and battled but couldn’t struggle free. exhausted, I […]

The City – Poem

TweetThe City Cold wet streets echo footsteps of following fear a hungry animal prowling round my city rheum-eyed wraiths hunted and haunted by neon glares return rain-cold recriminatory stares Rag-huddled in cold a life-worn once-man in foetal embrace protects his flame guttering body heat to the pestering wind invisible to shame and scurrying guilt thanks […]

After Bush – Poem: end the nightmare? Yes we can.

Tweet After Bush Let us dare to speak of hope of aspiration not of doubt Let John and Robert rest in peace with Martin by their side For they have been dishonoured their sacrifice denied Let us with courage separate as wise and thoughtful men once did opposing claims of church and state that every […]

The Carousel – Poem: round and round we go

TweetThe Carousel Round and round, and up and down come board our pretty ride wicked smiles they never frown the moveless horses, baleful eyed but have a care, this circle game ends only when someone has died. Up and down, and round and round pitilessly the horses spin never merry, they go round implacable, they […]